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    Stanley Park | Dog Walk

    Stanley Park; Liverpool is an 111 acre Grass II listed park. The park is most famous for dividing the land between the two football grounds, Liverpool FC & Everton FC. Opened back in 1890 by the mayor of Liverpool to the public to enjoy it’s popularity and architecture. History of the park This park is significant among the parks of Liverpool; due to it’s layout (which makes use of the local topography) and architecture. We have Edward Kemp to thank for it’s grand design, the terrace and beddings that were one highlighted by fountains. The conservatory; now restored and named the Isla Gladstone Conservatory built by Mackenzie and Moncur of Edinburgh.…

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    Walton Hall Park | Dog Walks

    We are back for another dog walk; this time Walton Hall Park, Liverpool. This 130 acre park situated in the Walton area of Liverpool is extremely popular with the residents of the area especially dog walkers. History of the park The park was opened to the public in July 1934 by King George V; when he came to Liverpool to open the Queensway Tunnel. The reason this park wasn’t open to the public was that land was once occupied by an imposing hall, owned by several people in points of history. As seen in “A History for the county of Lancaster Volume 3” (published in 1907), it details that the…

  • Xylitol

    What is Xylitol & How it can affect your pets? | Health

    Xylitol; is a sugar alcohol sweetener that is used in many kinds of foods made for humans. Whilst being safe for humans showing up as a sugar replacement, it’s certainly not safe for dogs. For this reason it’s crucial to be aware of what your dog is eating inside and outside the home. So what foods contain Xylitol? Common foods that contain Xylitol include: Peanut Butter Nicorette Chewing Gum Mouthwashes Toothpaste Yogurts Xylitol is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream; this result into an increased release of insulin. This increase in insulin causes a decrease in the blood sugars known as Hypoglycaemia. Hypoglycaemia can be as quick as 10 – 60…

  • Husky and Akita in the snow

    A month in the life of Wren & Raven

    A month in the world of a dog or puppy seems like such a long time; you go through daily excitement, walks, treats and meeting new people. But then the humans make you do tricks too, urgh what a chore! Here’s a looking into Wren & Raven’s life over the last month. Wren Age: 14 months Weight: 28.2 kg Height: 68cm at the withers Things we are learning: Impulse control, off lead walking, leave the paper In the last month we have had some great adventures; we have been back home twice. With February having a half terms we were able to spend a week back at home; meaning walks…

  • Crufts Haul

    My First Time at Crufts | Dog Events

    What an overwhelming experience! The event is by far the largest trade event I have ever been to; hustle and bustle from the public and even the magic of dog showing. I have never been to a serious dog show but there I got to meet Wren’s family and cheer them on from the sidelines. Watching them receive some amazing results too! My only upset about the day was I was unable to experience my favourite event: Flyball. Unfortunately the main arena was full from around 11am with a 2 hour queueing time; so I used my time more wisely. My recommendation is that if you are going to Crufts;…

  • DIY dog toys
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    Making Our Own Games | DIY Dog Toys | Walking with the pack

    Looking out my window; its snowed again! Whoo hoo fun for the girls but not so much for me. The girls are having blast running round the garden as I write this; we can’t go on our normal length walks. Unfortunately due to the cold weather there has been grit spread in most streets which is best to avoid. Due to toxicity when consumed from licking their paws as well as burn to their paws. So with all this being said we make our own fun; something to get their brains working. But I don’t have anything to make games with.. You don’t need a great store of random items…

  • Moreton Beach
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    Moreton Beach | Dog Walk

    Finally a beach walk 🙂 Oh how the girls love to be beside the seaside, Moreton Beach was no exception. We are very fortunate as the beaches in Merseyside mostly allow dogs on all year round. Moreton Beach lies on the Wirral peninsular around 2.5 miles from New Brighton. Now you will notice that Raven is just a tiny pup in this one, forgive me for leaving it so late. Moreton Beach At high tide all that can be seen of this beach is the shingle and concrete defences. Whereas; at low tide it’s comparatively different showing the world it’s vast wet sand stretching for miles and miles. Anyone who…

  • fruit and yoghurt

    Fruit Bonanza Frosties | Dog Treats | Walking with the pack

    It’s time for some more frozen dog treats; this time a fruit bonanza frosty. As with all our frosty recipes they are simple and quick to make and full of yummy goodness for not only dogs but humans too. Health Benefits Pears In moderation pears are great for dogs; as a healthy snack they are full of vitamins. Such as; Vitamin C & Vitamin A as well as being packed with fibre. Similarly to apples pears seeds contain cyanide so they must not be eaten. Blueberries A fantastic treat for dogs which can even be used as a training treat if your dog will perform for them. They are low…

  • Spay/Neuter

    National Spay Day – Why should you spay or neuter your pet?

    If you have recently had a pet come into your life or thinking about getting one. The most important decisions you will make is; whether you will spay/neuter or not. Spaying your female dog will remove the ovaries and uterus and neutering your male dog will remove the testes. So with National Spay Day taking place this month here are the top reasons you should consider about spaying & neutering. Your female pet will be at a reduced risk of breast cancer and Uterine Infections Your male pet will be protected from testicular cancer This will prevent unwanted or unplanned litters Spayed females won’t go into heat Studies say neutered…

  • Lifestyle

    Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts for Dog Lovers

    With Mother’s Day around the corner we have complied a list of amazing gifts; to make this years gift giving simple. The products on this list are either handmade or personalised as that adds a great touch to a present; making Mother’s Day extra special too! Pet By My Side Personalised Print £9.99 These cute graphics are made to order and will fit in any house of any colour scheme as you choose the colours. You are able to choose for male or female; dog or cat and even which frame size and colour you would like. As the name suggests it’s a personalised print of how long your pet…