Husky and Akita in the snow

A month in the life of Wren & Raven

A month in the world of a dog or puppy seems like such a long time; you go through daily excitement, walks, treats and meeting new people. But then the humans make you do tricks too, urgh what a chore! Here’s a looking into Wren & Raven’s life over the last month.


Age: 14 months
Weight: 28.2 kg
Height: 68cm at the withers
Things we are learning: Impulse control, off lead walking, leave the paper

In the last month we have had some great adventures; we have been back home twice. With February having a half terms we were able to spend a week back at home; meaning walks in our old spots and even some new ones too. 

So what has Wren been learning this month? When training dogs every day they are learning, training shouldn’t just stop when they have passed the puppy stage. Wren has quite a strong leave it command when we are out on a walk which we are thankful for. However we are working on a leave it command inside the home particularly working on paper and cardboard (Wrens favourite toy). We are also working on impulse control specifically a longer sit and wait & toning down her excitement when visitors come into the house.

When working on Wrens off lead walking it’s a slow process where we need a lot of patience. She is very good when in a pack of dogs however; on her own or with just Raven her attention is all over the place. Her love for people also takes over her sensibility; when they have essentially a bear running towards them, they are terrified. So the area we pick for Wren to be off lead is critical to her learning and experience. 

Japanese akita in the woods Akita looking over a lake


Age: 8 months
Weight: 18kg
Height: 41cm at the withers
Things we are learning: Impulse control, off lead walking

As the girls are usually together Raven has also had many adventures meeting new people and dogs alike. 

What has Raven been learning this month? Raven has been doing very well with her off lead walking; this could be because she is so young she doesn’t want to stray too far from her dad. We are intrigued to see how this changes as she ages. Both breeds are not known for their recall so it’s something we are actively working on. Like Wren, we are constantly working on impulse control with Raven but in different ways, greeting visitors is all the same.

husky in the woods

Walks include:

Uffmoor Woods
Wyre Forest
Dudley No. 2 Canal
Walton Hall Park
Norris Green Park
Cycle Route 62
Newsham Park
Seaforth – Home (5 miles)
Aintree – Home (4 miles)
Home – Bootle Strand (3.5 miles)

akita and husky in the snow

skater dogs

Goals for the next month

  1. Find a enclosed stay and play field near to us
  2. Work constantly on off lead walking
  3. Find some dog friends that don’t mind our girls play style (the girls rough house and pretty much wrestle every dog they can – they are quite dominant dogs)
  4. Go on many more adventures

If you are interesting in more dog walks that we go on; check out these two posts. Wyre Forest Walk & Sefton Park Walk

Stay pawsitive!

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