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Dog Christmas Stockings | Walking with the pack

Handmade stockings

Everyone loves a present at Christmas and receiving a home made gift makes it even better. Now this may seem crazy but the dogs in our family have always been given Christmas presents; whether that be dog treats or new toys, they always get a little something.

This year is a very special year as its both our puppies first Christmas. So I plan to make it special. Wren loves to rip and tear paper so all her presents will be wrapped in newspaper or tissue paper just so she can have the fun of ripping it all off.

We have often joked about Christmas day going to be too much temptation for Wren; as we keep wrapped presents out of reach (which is hard when she is rather tall herself) she is going to love the whole day. Raven loves food and will work out how to get to it even if it takes her an age to do so.

So as it’s a big one this year; we’ve had Christmas treats during the festive period, a big teddy each and on the day they will get their Christmas stocking filled with goodies and paper to rip apart and make the day special.

Just two dogs and their teddies
These teddies make the best pillows

Their stockings were decorated by myself to make them personal to each dog:

Stocking – Hobby Craft – £1
Ribbon (tied into a bow) – The Range – £0.75
Wooden Letters – The Range – £0.75

This works out to less the £3 to make each stocking, that’s a bargain in my eyes & I had so much fun making them for everyone too.

Christmas presents for dogs
Wren’s Stocking
Christmas Presents for dogs
Raven’s Stocking

The contents of each include:

2x Tennis Balls – each dog absolutely loves a good tennis ball so we have decided to thrown away all their mangy old ones and give them fresh ones to thrown around and destroy

1x Christmas Toy – Dogs Diner – £6.99 A squeaky tough toy that may or may not with stand our two hooligans, each love a stuffed toy and if they include a squeaker that’s great

1x WAGG treats – ASDA – £1 – We try to keep all Wren & Raven’s treats natural however, the dogs love these and getting/making natural treats for training purposes is pretty hard where we live. Wren has tasty bones as the other packet contains lamb which we did not notice upon purchase (I don’t even know how it happened) so Raven will gobble these while Wren has Chicken & Liver.

1x Vet’s Kitchen Little stars treats – ASDA – £1.50 – I saw these in our local ASDA as a new product; one in Chicken & one in Salmon. After looking at the ingredients I decided to give them a go. Wren is more of a fish dog so she will be taste testing the salmon and Raven will be trying the Chicken.

From our house to yours we wish you a merry festive period and hope however you spend it there is peace and joy among all!

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  • Gail

    So love this Christmas blog
    Nice to see time spent being creative and gives everyone ideas they can use
    Sounds like Wren and Raven will have a lovely Christmas morning

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