About the Pack

Every dog knows that she needs to socialise from an early age; we have decided to not only keep up our socialisation in the park but also online 🙂 As the day light gets shorter; we get less and less light in the park we hope to build a community here. This community aims to be the go to place for canine news, reviews, walking routes and just a good old catch up.

I’d like to formally introduce..


Wren - Japanese Akita

Japanese Akita Inu | 3 Years | Female

Wren is possibly the biggest diva you will ever meet. She loves meeting new people and getting her own way!

Favourite Treats: Fish Skin Twirls or Ice Cream
Favourite Place: Beach!

The Humans

There are two humans behind the scenes; they are obsessed with dogs and all things online.

Stay Pawsitive!