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    Boredom Busters for Dogs at Home

    While I’m writing this blog the world is in lock-down; so it seems more relevant then ever. Wren and I are going stir crazy so these small boredom busters for dogs along side our daily walk is working out fantastically. However; these games don’t have to be just played in lock-down, they are great to play at any time. Games and activities are an essential part of a dogs life they encourage:1. Training – keeping those skills sharp2. Attention – building up a focus and attention on the owner3. Impulse control – foundations for most commands and skills for a dog4. Use energy that couldn’t otherwise be released – not…

  • Japanese Akita at Blackpool Beach

    We took a long break…

    Hey guys; We’ve been away for a while, life kind of got in the way and I let the blog slip until we were stable enough to keep bringing you content. You will notice that there has been some significant changes within the pack; whilst we are lower in numbers, life is slowly getting back on track and is very much a better adventure. So whats happened whilst we have been AWOL:Abi has gained her degree (Marketing)We almost owns our own homeThere is a new human member of the pack, who I’m sure will feature in some postsThere has been many many adventures 5 things we’ve learnt When you have…

  • Health

    Why We Don’t Feed Rawhide

    There’s a new treat on the block and it’s here to replace rawhide, Smart Bones are a healthy alternative to rawhide made from vegetables and stuffed with all kinds of yummy including peanut butter. Why isn’t rawhide good for dogs? The most popular ingredient for dog chews, so why don’t people know that it could potentially be the most dangerous. Rawhide does not have any meat or vegetable content and is a by product of the leather industry. When the animal hide is spilt from the animal the top layer is tanned and made into leather products whilst the inner portion goes to the dogs. But how does it get…

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    Tripe; Stinks But Why Do Dogs Love It?

    It smells like one of the worst things I have ever smelt; so why on earth do I keep feeding it? The health benefits that dg receive from green tripe particularly far outweighs the smell. It is the superfood that all dogs crave and need. What is Tripe? Essentially it is the stomach of a grazing animal; most commonly cows, buffalo and sheep. The unique stomachs of these animals have four parts to them. Enabling the breakdown of grasses in an array of digestive enzymes, gastric juices and Amino acids. The best tripe is when its in it’s green form, as white tripe has been bleached removing any nutrients of…

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    Our dog holiday checklist | General

    By now Wren & I will be settling down to a relaxing evening before a big day of travelling ahead of us. The checklist below has helped us pack everything we need for our next adventure, at the bottom of the page is a PDF version of the checklist for ease of use. Our checklist for taking Wren on holiday is quite extensive, we hope to make it as great as we can. Wren usually settles into new places quite quickly and loves to explore the unexplored.When it comes to packing for your trip you can’t afford to leave anything behind, either at home or when you are packing up…

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    Top Tips for preparing for a holiday with your dog | General

    With the rise of holiday getaways becoming pet friendly; more and more people are taking their four legged friends away with them too. I myself am taking Wren on a short holiday; it’s my dad’s birthday so we are all heading for a cabin in the woods, in the South of England. Planning is key when arranging a holiday with your dog so here’s a list of tips just for our four legged friends. Top Tips for preparing for a holiday with your dog Prepare well in advance Check the accommodation is suitable for your pet Most adverts for accommodation will say what pet it is most suited for, but…

  • Dog walking bucket list
    Dog Walks

    Dog Walk Bucket List | Liverpool

    When walking a dog; I’m always looking for new locations and new adventures for the girls to explore. Not only to keep it fresh for them but also so that I get to explore this city; I had the pleasure of moving to. Merseyside has some amazing place to see and explore; so I decided to make a dog walking bucket list to ensure I see them all. I am going to make it my mission at least by the end of the year to see at least half of my bucket list. As always I will update this page as we explore and continue my dog walking blog posts…

  • Frosty ingredients

    Mango, Pineapple & Veg Frosties

    We are back with another easy and simple to make treat; Mango, Pineapple & Veg Frosties. Our dogs haven’t been eating their fruits and veg as normal recently so I thought about making some new Frosties to change things up for them. Ingredients Greek Yoghurt Greek Yogurt is a live and natural yogurt that contains many probiotics which are as great for dogs as they are humans. Probiotics can improve your dogs digestion and has been proven to aid in the ease of diarrhoea symptoms (if your dog has persistent diarrhoea please seek veterinary advice). Mango Peel and pit your mango before feeding to your dog; as the pit can…

  • Dogmania

    Our visit to Dogmania | Dog Events

    Dogmania! The fun dog event where you can actually take your own dog. The indoor event at Liverpool’s Exhibition Centre took place Easter weekend 2018; bringing together dog lovers alike for some holiday fun. From shopping to agility it was a great day for all the family; four legs or two. What did we get up to? As we walking into Dogmania; there were so many dogs, big ones, tiny ones it was a dog lovers dream. Of course we went shopping and bought some wonderful treats for us and the dogs. Dog goodies include: Moist dog treats Salmon bites Bow & Dog snack bites New water bottle Human treats…

  • fruits and vegetables dogs can't eat

    Fruits and Vegetables that are NOT dog friendly | Dog Health

    We all know that dogs LOVE human food, they will even perfect their best puppy dog eyes and beg for it. Since fruits and vegetables are healthy for humans most people will automatically assume they are health for dogs too. Well; not all of them some are toxic or have severe health issues after consumed by canines. So why do we feed fruits and vegetables? When I post a recipe on this blog; I make a habit of telling you how good the ingredients are for your dogs. Many of those reasons will be in this list below: They contain important vitamins and minerals for the body Some are packed…