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Stanley Park; Liverpool is an 111 acre Grass II listed park. The park is most famous for dividing the land between the two football grounds, Liverpool FC & Everton FC. Opened back in 1890 by the mayor of Liverpool to the public to enjoy it’s popularity and architecture.

Stanley Park, Lakes

History of the park

This park is significant among the parks of Liverpool; due to it’s layout (which makes use of the local topography) and architecture. We have Edward Kemp to thank for it’s grand design, the terrace and beddings that were one highlighted by fountains.

The conservatory; now restored and named the Isla Gladstone Conservatory built by Mackenzie and Moncur of Edinburgh. Kemp originally designed a horse-riding track which did not get confirmed but a cycle path now stands where he proposed.

Stanly Park, Isla Glastone Conservatory

The park

The parks formal terrace contains red sandstone shelters and pavilions in a gothic style. It stretches along the upper boundary of the park allowing amazing views of the ornamental bedding displays and open parkland.

terrace at stanley park

Husky & Japanese Akita Stanley Park

Our visit to the park as usual was a wonderful one. We loved the openness of the park; however this did mean we could not let either of the girls off lead. The park was exceptionally popular with other dog walkers; being centrally located it is convenient for all. It houses angling lakes, a playground, the conservatory and there is even a church. Aptly named ‘Stanley Church’ located in the corner, which is over 100 years old.

As lovely as the park is; I doubt we will return. The walk was 3km in length which is a great length. But being so open including the gates to the park. It’s not great for what we are looking for to keep Raven & Wren entertained and safe. If the park had of been gated then that may have helped it’s case. This park I would suggest more for families, dogs that are off lead trained or dogs that are always on lead.

Japanese Akita looking over a lake


Stay Pawsitive!

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