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My First Time at Crufts | Dog Events

What an overwhelming experience! The event is by far the largest trade event I have ever been to; hustle and bustle from the public and even the magic of dog showing. I have never been to a serious dog show but there I got to meet Wren’s family and cheer them on from the sidelines. Watching them receive some amazing results too! My only upset about the day was I was unable to experience my favourite event: Flyball. Unfortunately the main arena was full from around 11am with a 2 hour queueing time; so I used my time more wisely.

My recommendation is that if you are going to Crufts; certainly go for two days. Especially if you are going to watch a certain breed in the ring as you could be around half the day waiting for that show.

Akita with her Crufts Haul

The Haul..

Although Wren had to stay at home with my parents she sure did enjoy sniffing through the bag of goodies. So here’s what swag I managed to carry home.


Crufts Show Guide – £8.00

Essential for know what is going on throughout the day and what trader are at Crufts. A 275 page guide jam packed of useful information about your weekend; where every dog has it’s day.

Crufts Show Guide 2018


Akita Annual 2018 – £15.00

For us; as Akita owners, a must buy.

Japanese Akita Annual 2018


Skippers Small Fish Skin Cubes – £10.00

Wren and Ravens absolute favourite treat. It’s not often they get to have Skippers as we have to buy online and to be honest I forget about this brand. We absolutely love the brand and its not the first time we have bought from them at trade shows. These come highly recommended from our girls.

Skippers fish skin cubes


Wagg Treats with Tin – £6.00

The girls LOVE Wagg treats and they are good for training purposes. They are small enough to break in half so we don’t have to worry about them eating too many. Now they have a supply of all the best Wagg Treats along with the dental treats which we have never tried before.

Wagg training treats


Pet Munchies Training Treats – £3.00

Now Munchies is a brand we have been dying to try however for what you get in the bag; we have found expensive. So as a treat we have 3 bags.

Pet Munchies Training Treats


Eukanuba – Active Adult Sample Pack

A free sample bag of Eukanuba, we don’t feed our dog Kibble but this will be great to review the ingredients. As Eukanuba is a brand that is known and loved.

Eukanuba - active adult


Edgard Cooper – Salmon and Trout Sample Pack


Edgard Cooper – Salmon and Trout Tin – £2.00

I will be reviewing this tin of Organic dog food shortly on this blog


Zoflora – Fresh Home Disinfectant Sample

We are always on the look out for pet friendly disinfectants with the girls running in and out, eating raw chicken on the floors etc.

Zoflora - disinfectant


Frontline – Sensitive Skin Sample pack

Although I know this isn’t enough to wash a huge dog like Wren; it’s always wonderful to find brands of sensitive skin shampoos. It’s always a good idea to keep these brands of shampoo just incase.

frontline shampoo


Natural Instinct Goodie/Tote Bag

Natural Instinct


Lily’s Kitchen Training Treats – £4.00

We have a soft spot for Lily’s Kitchen as Wren used to eat their organic kibble. We still use their treats as they are such good quality; when we can find them that is.

Lily's Kichen training treats


Smart Bones – Large Chicken Bones – £4.00

Again another space brand we have been waiting to try. For £2.00 each; at that price I couldn’t pass them up. These are a rawhide alternative which we are constantly trying to find for the girls. Especially them being power girls we need treats that are going to last a long time. Hopefully these will be the treat.

SmartBones rawhide alternative

What a day!! Congratulations to all the winners throughout the weekend and I shall be back next year!

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