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    Boredom Busters for Dogs at Home

    While I’m writing this blog the world is in lock-down; so it seems more relevant then ever. Wren and I are going stir crazy so these small boredom busters for dogs along side our daily walk is working out fantastically. However; these games don’t have to be just played in lock-down, they are great to play at any time. Games and activities are an essential part of a dogs life they encourage:1. Training – keeping those skills sharp2. Attention – building up a focus and attention on the owner3. Impulse control – foundations for most commands and skills for a dog4. Use energy that couldn’t otherwise be released – not…

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    Making Our Own Games | DIY Dog Toys | Walking with the pack

    Looking out my window; its snowed again! Whoo hoo fun for the girls but not so much for me. The girls are having blast running round the garden as I write this; we can’t go on our normal length walks. Unfortunately due to the cold weather there has been grit spread in most streets which is best to avoid. Due to toxicity when consumed from licking their paws as well as burn to their paws. So with all this being said we make our own fun; something to get their brains working. But I don’t have anything to make games with.. You don’t need a great store of random items…