National Spay Day – Why should you spay or neuter your pet?

If you have recently had a pet come into your life or thinking about getting one. The most important decisions you will make is; whether you will spay/neuter or not. Spaying your female dog will remove the ovaries and uterus and neutering your male dog will remove the testes. So with National Spay Day taking place this month here are the top reasons you should consider about spaying & neutering.

  1. Your female pet will be at a reduced risk of breast cancer and Uterine Infections
  2. Your male pet will be protected from testicular cancer
  3. This will prevent unwanted or unplanned litters
  4. Spayed females won’t go into heat
  5. Studies say neutered males behave a lot better
  6. Spaying and neutering will help keep the pet population down
  7. Spaying and neutering reduces the amount of back yard breeders
  8. It will reduce the amount of homeless pets; on the streets and in rescue centres

Where Next?

If you are still unsure about spaying and neutering please consult your vet and they will be able to help more. In the UK puppies are not usually neutered until at lest 6 months old, to allow them to fully develop and make the surgery less risky. After large amounts of studies there is no reason to let a dog have their first season before spaying her. these studies have actually found bitches to be healthier when spayed at 6 months.

In our experience; Wren was spayed at 6 months old and although she became a little calmer. What we noticed the most was they hyperactivity that was curbed reduced her mouthing behaviour to a point of almost non existence.
Raven however; came into heat just a week before her 6 month birthday, unlucky right! So she will be spayed around June time at 11 months old. This shows you that no two dogs are the same; what’s right for my dogs won’t be right for yours and you should speak to your vet for advise and choose based on informed information.

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