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We are back for another dog walk; this time Walton Hall Park, Liverpool. This 130 acre park situated in the Walton area of Liverpool is extremely popular with the residents of the area especially dog walkers.

History of the park

The park was opened to the public in July 1934 by King George V; when he came to Liverpool to open the Queensway Tunnel. The reason this park wasn’t open to the public was that land was once occupied by an imposing hall, owned by several people in points of history.

As seen in “A History for the county of Lancaster Volume 3” (published in 1907), it details that the building from around the time Edward the Confessor died around 1066. It has been thought that the building has also been demolished and rebuilt a few times, evidenced in the early 1900’s when the building was demolished revealing parts of the old buildings.

Walton Hall Park

After the Norman conquest the Hall was thought to have been given to Sheriff Godfrey by Roger de Poitou, who at the time of the doomesday survey held the building. The estate was later held by Waldeve of Walton and it remained in the family for generations and years to come.

1708 Walton Hall was in the will of Robert Brere who left it to his son. In 1746 it was thought have been sold to John Atherton (who played a big part in the slave trade). The Atherton family then sold the property on in the 19th century to Thomas Leyland; them man who became the Mayor of Liverpool.

Our walk

We always enjoy our time in Walton Hall park; it is a lovely, clean and picturesque park. We would recommend this park to any dog walkers in the area. There are numerous large fields for the dogs to run and play; however be aware of the two lakes that are in the park if your dogs are prone to taking a dip. It is also part of the Get Going! initiative of Liverpool in which there are several running routes in outdoor spaces.

Lakes at Walton Hall Park
The Lake
Japanese Akita and Husky watching the ducks
Hey mom, look over there!!

Japanese Akita in the daffodils

After some walks we like to get an ice cream as a treat for the girls. They love visiting the van, Wren especially knows the van and what goodies come out of it! As today was quite warm the treat became more functional to cool them down after racing round the park, yummy!! They even came in fancy plastic pots so that we can make our own portions at home.

Japanese akita eating ice-cream

Siberian Husky eating ice cream


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Stay Pawsitive!

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