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Finally a beach walk πŸ™‚ Oh how the girls love to be beside the seaside, Moreton Beach was no exception. We are very fortunate as the beaches in Merseyside mostly allow dogs on all year round. Moreton Beach lies on the Wirral peninsular around 2.5 miles from New Brighton. Now you will notice that Raven is just a tiny pup in this one, forgive me for leaving it so late.

North Wirral Costal Park

Moreton Beach

At high tide all that can be seen of this beach is the shingle and concrete defences. Whereas; at low tide it’s comparatively different showing the world it’s vast wet sand stretching for miles and miles.

Anyone who does venture out into the sandbanks; needs to wary of the tide times as it does come in fast.

Adjacent to the beach is the North Wirral Coatal park which is popular with cyclists and dog walkers alike. As well as being a great spot for a picnic.

Dominating the horizon is the lighthouse; which to much disappointment was decommissioned in 1908 is now a site of public interest. Standing at 27 meters; the Lighthouse is open for guided tours from 12pm to 4pm on the first Sunday of each month. It costs Β£2 for adults and Β£1 for children, who must be at least 1.06 metres tall to be able to take the tour.

Our walk

Walking along Moreton beach with the sand between your paws, for us is one of the best beaches in Merseyside. The vast open spaces for both dogs to be able to run until their hearts content is exactly what these young pups with so much energy need.

This was ones of Raven’s very first off lead walks which she enjoyed tremendously. Thankfully she was young which meant she stayed close and only really played with dogs her own size. Now is a different story she plays with everyone and would run till she was tired.

Wren loves the outdoors and any chance she can she will sit and take in the scenery so she was just very happy to be in a new locations and exploring.

This was both dogs first time at the beach and I think it’s safe to say we will be back. Moreton beach offers something for everyone no matter the weather; there’s even a small cafe offering hot food, for when its a little bit chilly.

Akita on the beach

Husky on the beach

Akita and husky on the beach
Land sharks ahoy
Husky and Akita on the beach
Raven’s Crazy Eyes :’)


Akita in the sea
We eventually got to paddle

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