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Looking out my window; its snowed again! Whoo hoo fun for the girls but not so much for me. The girls are having blast running round the garden as I write this; we can’t go on our normal length walks. Unfortunately due to the cold weather there has been grit spread in most streets which is best to avoid. Due to toxicity when consumed from licking their paws as well as burn to their paws. So with all this being said we make our own fun; something to get their brains working.

But I don’t have anything to make games with..

You don’t need a great store of random items to make games for your dog. As this one shows you can make great fun with just household items. This one was made from

Ice-cream Tub
7x Toilet Rolls

This one will test their brain as they figure out how to get the yummy treats at the bottom of the toilet rolls. Start by setting up your items like the picture below.

Home made dog game

So how did they game fare and how quickly or slowly did the dogs understand how to get their goodies. Firstly; the game was quite robust, my main concern was that both dogs would rip up the toilet rolls (which is a past time of theirs – ripping up paper and cardboard). Secondly the girls grasped very quickly how they were going to get these treats and being intelligent dogs they soon turned their attention on how to get the treats the quickest. They cheated – especially Wren!


Playing our game - akita

Akita playing a homemade game

As you can see it started out well for Wren she started taking out the toilet rolls as she was supposed to then..a brainwave

Akita & ice-cream tub

“If I tip it slightly the treats will slide to one end and I can lick the all up “

akita licking the ice-cream tub

It went from bad to worse she figured out that the only way to beat the game was just to simply tip the tub, let all the toilet rolls roll away and claim your rewards with minimum effort. Yes; she outsmarted mom, which led me to setting it up again but holding the tub down this time.

cheating at the homemade game

Wrens last go at the game ending in a matter of seconds, she realised it wasn’t going to tip over due to me holding it. So she stuck her nose in moved it around, forcing the toilet rolls out and leaving the treats in the bottom. Clever Girl!



husky playing a homemade game

DIY dog games

Raven also worked out what she would have to do get the treats a little slower then Wren but she was much more meticulous when assessing the tub. Taking the rolls out one by one and taking the spoils of her achievements.

cheat at the game

Quickly her attention turned to mischief and like Wren she found out she could use her force together to the treats rather then use her brain. The picture below shows how she uses mischief to her best advantage, running off with the rolls was possibly more exciting for Raven than the prospect of working for treats.

Husky steals toilet roll


If I was to play this game with them again then I would definitely use some more permanent items. Perhaps heavier items that they can’t tip over or plastic tubing to replace the toilet rolls so they can’t be crushed and wont get soggy. There is many adaptions you can make to this game to suit your own or your dogs needs. If you like DIY-ing for you four legged friend check out some of our DIY treats that are just as simple as this game. No-Bake Biscuits or some Strawberry Frosties to get your dogs licking their lips.

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