Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts for Dog Lovers

With Mother’s Day around the corner we have complied a list of amazing gifts; to make this years gift giving simple. The products on this list are either handmade or personalised as that adds a great touch to a present; making Mother’s Day extra special too!

Pet By My Side Personalised Print

These cute graphics are made to order and will fit in any house of any colour scheme as you choose the colours. You are able to choose for male or female; dog or cat and even which frame size and colour you would like. As the name suggests it’s a personalised print of how long your pet has been at your side.

Pet by my side picture


Custom Animal Pet Portrait

This amazing Etsy seller is offering professionally drawn single portrait of your pet. The perfect gift for a dog lover or dog mom to immortalise their pets.


Home Alone Pet Safety Card and Fob Key Ring Set

A fantastic little card you can keep in your wallet or purse. No one plans on being ill or injured in an accident so having one of these on your person will allow people to arrange for your pets to be cared for while you are.

Home alone pet card


Doodling for Dog People

128 pages of art inspiration to enable doodlers. Users are prompted to doodle inside the book and other creative exercises for dog lovers.

Doodling for dog people


Pebble Art

A beautiful handmade image depicting “walkies” with pebbles. Each design is made with handpicked pebbles making them unique and special

Pebble art or mothers day


Siberian Husky Scarf

A great gift for Husky addicted mothers. Keep warm and look fabulous with this incredibly detailed look.

Siberian Husky Scarf


Sausage Dog Make Up / Wash Bag

These bags make seriously good make up or wash bags and they look the part too. Using the iconic sausage dog as part of the classic black and beige design. Never go away without one; made from a lovely cotton fabric with a waterproof lining to stop any spillages leaking further.

Sausage Dog wash bag


Chihuahua Mug Cosy

This is probably the funniest item of this list, I came across these whilst looking for gifts. They are quirky, unique and you don’t even have to like Chihuahuas to want this mug cosy. They are all hand crocheted with many different designs available (other breeds available)

Chihuahua mug cosy


Boxer Mom Sweatshirt

Slogan shirts have been on trend for a long time now, I can’t think of a better slogan sweatshirt. Made from Cotton and Polyester and in a huge range of sizes

Boxer Dog Sweatshirt


Teepee Dog Bed

For me this is possibly the most exciting one in the list; unfortunately our dogs wouldn’t fit inside this. There are many sizes to chose from and they even have Teepee’s for cats! The great company who are selling these beds are donating a portion of their sales to a rescue centre abroad, helping animals who need extra attention.

Dog bed teepee


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