Interested in making your own treats or food?

Check out our dog friendly recipes that are healthy and will make your pooch slower they are that tasty.

Our recipes have one thing in mind; health! We try to showcase the healthiest dog treats that you can make at home quickly and easily. You can even print out the recipe for safekeeping.

We focus on treats that are hypoallergenic and super tasty but please understand we cannot cater for every allergy. Although if you contact us I'm sure we can help you create the best dog treats; customised to your dogs needs.

We make our own treats as we are concerned over the ingredients that our dogs eat and to ensure that our dogs don't have any allergy flare ups. We know that one of our dogs has an environmental allergy to a species of tall summer grass. As well as an allergy to either additives or preservatives used in many commercial dog foods.

  • Frosty ingredients

    Mango, Pineapple & Veg Frosties

    We are back with another easy and simple to make treat; Mango, Pineapple & Veg Frosties. Our dogs haven’t been eating their fruits and veg as normal recently so I thought about making some new Frosties to change things up for them. Ingredients Greek Yoghurt Greek Yogurt is a live and natural yogurt that contains many probiotics which are as great for dogs as they are humans. Probiotics can improve your dogs digestion and has been proven to aid in the ease of diarrhoea symptoms (if your dog has persistent diarrhoea please seek veterinary advice). Mango Peel and pit your mango before feeding to your dog; as the pit can…

  • fruit and yoghurt

    Fruit Bonanza Frosties | Dog Treats | Walking with the pack

    It’s time for some more frozen dog treats; this time a fruit bonanza frosty. As with all our frosty recipes they are simple and quick to make and full of yummy goodness for not only dogs but humans too. Health Benefits Pears In moderation pears are great for dogs; as a healthy snack they are full of vitamins. Such as; Vitamin C & Vitamin A as well as being packed with fibre. Similarly to apples pears seeds contain cyanide so they must not be eaten. Blueberries A fantastic treat for dogs which can even be used as a training treat if your dog will perform for them. They are low…

  • Dog biscuit day

    Dog Biscuit Day | No-bake Peanut Butter Biscuits | Dog Treats

    Hey Everypawdy; it’s Dog Biscuit Day (23rd February). Have the girls and I have got another great tasting treat for you. Although this treat cannot be classified as a biscuit in the true sense of word, for the purposes of this post it is. A biscuit is a flour based baked good, now my treats are neither flour based or baked. However; they were quick, easy to make and extra yummy as they are made with peanut butter. Ingredients Rolled Oats Oats are high in protein, fat and fibre. They provide a good balance of amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Oats are also a great alternative to flour if…