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Raw Feeding Recent Controversy

Recently there has been some controversy in the news about raw feeding your pets. As veterinarians are seeing an increase in the number of people choosing a raw diet; there are increasing their new appeals about them being dangerous. In actual fact a lot of vets that I have met haven’t actually researched into raw feeding as in depth of those who practise it. This is not a practise you just jump into; it’s something you research heavily and prepare for before doing it.

These article are the most recent:
Time magazine
Daily Mail

Is it that risky?

However; if you read these article what they actually say is that yes they are risky if you don’t follow precautions. Not many of the articles go into specific health risks for your pets. What they are saying is that it’s down to storage and preparation that makes people and pets ill.

They are suggesting that people who raw fed are incapable of ensuring basic food hygiene. Almost always in my case I’ve been challenged over this specific risk, my response is:

“I do everything in my power to ensure mine and my pet’s safety. We have a separate fridge and freezer for dog and human food. The dogs have their own knives, chopping boards. All equipment is washed separately and surfaces and floors are bleached after use.”

Raw dog food meal
Turkey Leg, Broccoli, carrots, swede, offal, liver, Turkey mince, Beef mince

Only you can decide

As long as you practice good food hygiene you dramatically reduce the risk of any illnesses from E.Coli or similar bacteria occurring. Many of the raw feeding groups on FB have ran polls asking their thousands of members if they have ever had issues like this: 99% of members said no!

Raw meal fro two dogs
chicken wing or back, sprats, pork mince, beef mice, chicken mince, cabbage, offal, ox liver

After being challenged by so many vets about my choice to raw feed our dogs; what we have to remember is that a vets office is a business and they promote and endorse specific brands of kibble. As well as the fact that raw food has made Wren a lot healthier meaning less visits to the vets. Our dogs are thriving on raw and Wren is so much better off health wise then when she ate high end kibble; so it would take a lot focus to move back to kibble. They get a varied and interesting diet which I know they enjoy more than a bowl of biscuits.

What are your thoughts on raw feeding and the risk of illnesses to you and your dogs? If you have an interested in raw feeding; first of all read more about our journey into raw feeding in a previous post.


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  • Ruth Epstein

    Raw feeding, this is something that I am following everywhere, for Layla it does not work on her tummy and I just feel like anything else we all must do what we think is best for our pets. Yes I say NO to kibbles, but whether raw or cooked (prepared at home) everyone must decide what is best

    • Walking with the Pack

      I totally agree, we must have the freedom to feed our pets whatever we feel is best; without judgement. Poor Layla’s tummy, it’s done wonders for Wren’s but it work work for every dog, it’s finding what works best for them 🙂

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