Tripe; Stinks But Why Do Dogs Love It?

It smells like one of the worst things I have ever smelt; so why on earth do I keep feeding it? The health benefits that dg receive from green tripe particularly far outweighs the smell. It is the superfood that all dogs crave and need.

What is Tripe?

Essentially it is the stomach of a grazing animal; most commonly cows, buffalo and sheep. The unique stomachs of these animals have four parts to them. Enabling the breakdown of grasses in an array of digestive enzymes, gastric juices and Amino acids.

Green Tripe for Dogs

The best tripe is when its in it’s green form, as white tripe has been bleached removing any nutrients of real value. It is green due to the undigested plant material left in the stomach then bleached for human consumption. When bleached the tripe contains zero nutritional benefits.

Bleached Tripe

The good stuff

High in protein

Tripe has 70% protein and contains 7 amino acids performing essential function in your dog’s body.


Omega 3 & 6

The perfect ratio of fatty acids which will promote skin and coat health helping to deal with any skin allergies or irritations. Promoting the bodies natural anti-inflammatory response which is ideal for older arthritic dogs, can improve symptoms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Improves eye health, helps dogs with chronic yeast infections and new research shows that it may help slow down certain cancers.


Natural Calcium source

Feeding a raw diet one of the main concerns is supplying the right amount of vitamins and minerals. Calcium being one of those; it can be found in bones and tripe. Feeding both daily will ensure a good level of calcium are being absorbed by the body.


Natural Stool Softener

When your dog is constipated it has been suggested to give green tripe as a remedy, this will not work for all dogs and there is other remedies you can follow. However, you must be aware of the amount you are giving. Always start small and build up the tripe to learn your dogs tolerance level.


Help remove plaque from your dogs teeth

The rubbery toughness will help your dog exercise their jaw and help to reduce plaque from their teeth whilst they chew. Dehydrating the tripe will also provide a chewy or tough texture to help with your dogs dental health.


Chlorophyll content

Tripe can help boost the health in many different ways: it can help to reduce the occurrence of canine gastrointestinal problems. Contribute to red blood cell and haemoglobin formation and detoxify the blood and lymph systems.

The canine lymphatic system is very closely linked with the cardiovascular system providing balance between the two. Whilst the lymphatic system is free of toxins, the dog will have stronger immune responses to invading bacterias, pathogens etc. This is due to the lymph fluid promoting absorption of digested fats in the intestines.


Levels of probiotic called Lactobacillus Acidophilus

Commonly known as Lactobacilli or Lactic Acid bacteria. One of the many “good” bacterias in your dogs gut, essential for keeping the bad bacteria in check. Working with other bacterias to stop disease causing bacteria such as E.Coli & Salmonella, as your dogs body will provide just enough food to maintain specific bacteria populations; adding raw green tripe to your dogs diet will support the ability to “good” bacteria to overwhelm the “bad” bacteria.


Tripe for weight gain or weight loss

Weight is gained from calories, vitamins, minerals. The weight is a healthy weight gain that will power muscles, restore and maintain functioning. Tripe can also be used as a guilt-free treat, helping them to feel full quicker whilst gaining those all important nutrients.

Green Tripe and health benefits


So in conclusion the all round health benefits of feeding raw green tripe will outweigh that ghastly smell, it may be a little challenging to handle or to instantly get your dog to eat it but it is worth it. Dehydrating the tripe may encourage your dog to eat it as a treat, will take away the smell and ensure it lasts longer.

Bear in mind that if your dog has an allergy or intolerance to beef, buffalo or sheep that you must feed the tripe from the animal your dog doesn’t have an intolerance to.

Never cook the green tripe, your dog will receive many more nutrients when raw. There are certain enzyme deficiencies responsible for nervousness, lack of energy, viral/bacterial infections and chronic diarrhoea have known to have been solved by adding raw green tripe to the diet once or twice per day.

Stay Pawsitive!

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