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Why do I have a raw meal plan? | With example plan

The last two Sundays blog posts have been all about raw feeding, why and how to start your journey. I made my raw feeding journey much easier with a weekly meal plan, prepared a week in advance. Now of course planning these meals take time and effort but if you are DIY-ing your dogs meals then it will not be in vain, there is nothing worse then going to the freezer and realising you have run out of liver and having to make an emergency trip to the shops.

So why would a meal plan make my life easier?

  1. Everyone in the household is aware of the diet and what each dog is eating and when.
  2. It simplifies the daily decision making – preparation is key
  3. It reduces the risk of running out of one ingredient
  4. Having a plan allows you to look back if your dog becomes ill, a little like a food diary.
  5. This creates and ensures variety in the diet

So what’s the plan?

Monday TuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday
AMChicken Mince, Duck necks, tripe, veg mix, Ox LiversChicken feet, chicken livers, beef mince, tripe, veg mix, fruit frostyBeef heart, bone broth, beef kidney, quail eggs, Chicken quarterTrachea stuffed with offal, chicken carcass, veg mix, fruit frostyChicken Mince, Offal mince, beef mice, chicken liversMeaty ribs, kidney, spleen, lung, liversSprats, offal mince, livers, venison, lamb mince, chicken mince
PMWhole herring, fruit frosty, kidney, spleen, liver, pork mince, eggBeef mince, Chicken back, Ox livers, veg mixSalmon head, Lamb trim, chicken livers, offal minceBeef mince, chicken livers, lamb mince, veg mixLamb spine with meatChicken mince, egg, beef mince, tunaChicken carcass, stuffed with veg, fruit and duck

There it is planning ahead will make those early mornings seem so much easier. I even know people who prepare whole meals, freeze them in tupperware tubs and defrost as needed; for even speedier mornings. Please use my meal plan as a start and then change it as you need, as you find out what your dog prefers and add that to the plan. Plans can be made and stuck to every week or you can make a new plan every week; I tend to make a new plan every week, which enables us to add more variety to the diet.

When making your own plan you need to ensure you have at least 4 proteins, offal, liver and bones to meet the daily requirements to fit your dogs.

Undertaking a DIY raw diet can be a daunting task, I hope this post and meal plan example has helped someone in any way, let me know if you have meal plans or if this post has helped you down in the comments below!

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