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Our dog holiday checklist | General

By now Wren & I will be settling down to a relaxing evening before a big day of travelling ahead of us. The checklist below has helped us pack everything we need for our next adventure, at the bottom of the page is a PDF version of the checklist for ease of use.

Our checklist for taking Wren on holiday is quite extensive, we hope to make it as great as we can. Wren usually settles into new places quite quickly and loves to explore the unexplored.When it comes to packing for your trip you can’t afford to leave anything behind, either at home or when you are packing up ready to come home. Take a checklist with you so you can use it to pack up again. The following checklist has been condensed into easy bite sized chunks just for you, and edit as needed.

Collar & ID

Not a item that needs to be packed but it equally important; ID tags are now law in the UK and a dog must wear one out in public spaces at all times. It’s useful to get an extra ID tag made with your holiday address and contact phone number incase your dog become separated from you. Ensure your dog is microchipped as a double fail safe if your dog gets lost.


Check that the lead you are using is adequate and the stitching is of good quality. You may wish to pack a spare lead in case you lose your first. Ideally you will want to pack an additional shorter lead as many places who allow dogs ask for them to be kept on a short lead at all times.


Helping your dog feel at home, surrounded by their things but who doesn’t want all their favourite toys to play with. Preventing boredom and any unwanted destruction.


The familiarity of their own bed will help them to settle at night, don’t forget that most accommodations will not want you to have the dog in the bed. Beds made of material will be easier to pack and transport then rigid, plastic beds.

Dog sleeping on bed

Jacket & Towels

If the weather turns on holiday which we hope it doesn’t; a lightweight jacket you can just put on your dog to keep the majority of the rain of them will aid clean up back at your accommodation later.

Pack as many towels as possible (well if you have a dog like Wren, you can never have enough towels – a mud dwelling long coated dog) You can even lay them down as you go out to save on the clean up on the way back in.

Food & Water

Take enough of your dog’s food for your entire stay, as you may not be able to purchase further supplies on arrival. If you use canned food without a pull ring, don’t forget your can opener too. Take a couple of bowls for food and water; if your pet is a messy eater consider taking a pet placemat. Travel food and water bowls are also extremely useful if you are not sure of your return time. Simply pack them and your choice of food and feed on the go, these bowls are usually collapsible or fold away.

Always remember to carry enough water for a day of exploring, there will be places you can refill a bottle in towns and cities but if you are exploring places off the beaten track you may want to carry two bottles. Do not let your dog drink from puddles, ponds or streams as these may be contaminated or contain water borne bacteria.

Poo bags

Take more then you will needs, little bags always come in handy when you least expect it.

First Aid Kit

It’s always sensible to pack at least some of the basic first aid supplies for your pet. Not forgetting any on going medication to cover the holiday period.

First Aid Kit


As Wren is long and double coated she gets hot very quickly even in lower temperatures; we carry a golfing umbrella to ensure we can create shade for her in any space we enter, It is also advisable to have some shades for the car, they will not only keep the temperature down for you top return to but also parking in the shade will help.

Cleaning Supplies

Stain remover, Kitchen roll and a lint brush are always handy to have around as your accommodation may not be stocked with these things. Kitchen roll can be used to wipe out bowls and utensils.


Even if you are not taking your dog abroad, documentation will always be needed if your dog has to visit a local vet (know which is your closest vet and register them before you go). If your dog gets lost, a good recent photo could be invaluable in helping you find them again.


Ideal for those late night walks. Head torches are great for keeping your hands free.

Grooming Equipment

Some dogs need to be brushed daily and this doesn’t stop when you go on holiday. If your dog gets wet you may need to brush it to prevent mats forming.

dog grooming

Pet Insurance

We hope we will never need it; however should something happen to your dog whilst on holiday, insurance can give you piece of mind. Accidents happen this could be illness or property damage for a week holiday, the cost of pet insurance is low compared to the alternative.

I’m hoping that this checklist was as handy for you as it was for me. Now this list is wordy however; i have produced a PDF document available to download and print to make packing as hassle-free as it should be.  Click here for your checklist. Be sure to check out the first blog post on preparing for a holiday with your dog. Wren & I wish you happy holidays!

Stay Pawsitive!

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