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Top Tips for preparing for a holiday with your dog | General

With the rise of holiday getaways becoming pet friendly; more and more people are taking their four legged friends away with them too. I myself am taking Wren on a short holiday; it’s my dad’s birthday so we are all heading for a cabin in the woods, in the South of England. Planning is key when arranging a holiday with your dog so here’s a list of tips just for our four legged friends.

Top Tips for preparing for a holiday with your dog

Prepare well in advance

Check the accommodation is suitable for your pet
Most adverts for accommodation will say what pet it is most suited for, but you should check the size of the property and the outside space is big enough for your pet. Check for any off limits areas for pets.

holiday with your dog

Plan your journey in advance
If your making a long journey, ensure you know the journey and plenty of places to stop before you start out. Not only you but your pet may want some fresh air or time to stretch their legs.


Don’t run out of supplies
Make a checklist of items you need to take before you go, ensure you have enough for the length of holiday or there is a local shop you can get supplies whilst on holiday. Packing your pet’s essentials will be much easier with a checklist which i will put in the next blog post.


Ensure the accommodation is a home from home
Travelling to a new place will stress your pet out to some degree so when you get to your accommodation put out as many of their things straight away. Familiar items will help them to settle in much quicker. Show them their new surroundings and let them explore a little, as dogs are creatures of habit always stick to their routine (feeding and walking etc). You may need some calming treats to help them along the way. Wren always gets an upset tummy when travelling so we have plenty to hand.

Plan your trips around your pet
Holidays are about exploring new places so make sure the places are dog friendly so that your dog can visit too. There will be a series of dog friendly pubs and restaurants in certain places and very few in others. Research your surroundings before you go.


Make sure your pet is well trained
Your dog should have a certain degree of training before you stay in other properties, ask yourself if your dog can cope away from home? Spending some time on training before you go would be advised, even if it’s just some basic commands such as a sit and stay.


Dog in a house

Keep your dog safe

Ensure your accommodation is safe and secure before letting them fully explore. It is now law for your dog to be microchipped so if they do go missing then you are prepared. As you don’t know the areas you are going to always be wary when letting your dog off the lead to explore, they may be hidden dangers you can’t see.


Spending time with man or women’s best friend is precious; ensure that your holiday is the best it can be by being prepared. Look out for the next post where I share the checklist for Wrens suitcase making packing efficient and simple. Stay safe and enjoy this holiday season.

Stay Pawsitive!

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