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Dog Walk Bucket List | Liverpool

When walking a dog; I’m always looking for new locations and new adventures for the girls to explore. Not only to keep it fresh for them but also so that I get to explore this city; I had the pleasure of moving to. Merseyside has some amazing place to see and explore; so I decided to make a dog walking bucket list to ensure I see them all. I am going to make it my mission at least by the end of the year to see at least half of my bucket list. As always I will update this page as we explore and continue my dog walking blog posts to go alongside them. Reviewing places as I go and hopefully finding some awesome dog friendly establishments along the way.

So here’s the list..

  1. Sefton Park
  2. Caulderstones park
  3. Otterspool – baltic market
  4. Formby Beach
  5. National Trust Formby
  6. Crosby Beach
  7. New Brighton Beach
  8. Croxeth park
  9. The wirral way
  10. Royden Park
  11. Heswall Dales
  12. Waterloo – Hightown
  13. Sefton Coastal Path
  14. West Kirby – Caldy Hill
  15. Hightown – freshfields
  16. The Lydiate Loop
  17. Delamere Forest
  18. Wirral Coastal Walk
  19. Walton Hall Park
  20. Wirral Country Park
  21. Newsham Park
  22. Hale Head Lighthouse
  23. Staney Park
  24. Thurstaston Beach
  25. Otterpool Promenade – Pier Head
  26. Sutton Manor Woodland
  27. Norris Green Park
  28. Birkenhead Park
  29. Festival Gardens
  30. Cycle Route 62
  31. Aindale Beach
  32. Blundllesands
  33. Moreton beach

I fully expect this list to get larger and larger as I discover more and more walking routes in the city. Each walk will be crossed off as we complete them, and linked to available blog posts about each specific walk if there is one. As we journey through Merseyside I hope you will come with us. We have many more adventures to find and explore; we are excited for the times ahead!

Do you have a dog walking bucket list if not what one place would be on yours?

Stay Pawsitive!

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