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Dogmania! The fun dog event where you can actually take your own dog. The indoor event at Liverpool’s Exhibition Centre took place Easter weekend 2018; bringing together dog lovers alike for some holiday fun. From shopping to agility it was a great day for all the family; four legs or two.

What did we get up to?

As we walking into Dogmania; there were so many dogs, big ones, tiny ones it was a dog lovers dream. Of course we went shopping and bought some wonderful treats for us and the dogs.

Dog goodies from Dogmania

Dog goodies include:

  • Moist dog treats
  • Salmon bites
  • Bow & Dog snack bites
  • New water bottle

Human treats include:

  • Embroidered Akita scarf
  • Embroidered Husky cushion cover
  • Coconut chocolate bar won on the REACH tombola


Now that the shopping is out the way we can get to the exciting stuff. We took part in a have a go scurry and agility! Both dogs really enjoyed the agility, so much so we are thinking about taking them to weekly classes when they start up again. The agility course was just a small course; consisting of around 5 jumps, 2 tunnels, a flattened A frame and a see-saw. Raven ran round like a loon soaking up every minute of being off lead and attention from someone new, whilst Wren took the more laid back approach, looking to mom for reassurance and guidance before each new obstacle.


Now the scurry was a different matter entirely; 5 hay bale hurdles jump over them all and back again in the quickest time. Raven LOVED this and managed a fantastic time of 9 seconds. Wren however was not sure about this spikey stuff beneath her feet or jumping over them but managed a respectable time of 12 seconds.


What was Dogmania celebrating?

Dogmania set up by Merseyside Dogs Home; to raise money for the rescue centre and celebrate all the hard work that they do. The event was a great day out and my only regret was that I didn’t get to try the Poodle Noodle Soup. It was fantastic to see so many other charities there too, supporting each other in this amazing event. It was lovely to see REACH there and some of there dogs are fabulous.

If you are considering adopting a dog; please take a look at Merseyside Dogs Home website or if you are an experienced Husky home; REACH. there dogs are so wonderful and all need that special place to call home.

Stay Pawsitive!

Keep an eye out for our vlog about Dogmania! on our youtube channel

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