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A 500 acre country park; located in North Liverpool, is a great place for the dogs to run off some steam. Amidst woodland, pastures, ponds and streams there is heavy foot traffic from plenty of other pooches to play with. Although you do have to be aware of horses which depart from the Riding School on the grounds and often trek rounds the grounds and nearby woods.

Dog in a Forrest

Our walk starts from a free car park off Muirhead Avenue East; the route leads you under an archway into the park’s ground itself, to the magnificent and imposing hall. Follow the marked paths around the hall’s grounds and into the woods. We met a team of horses, the dogs behaved very well considering they have never seen horses up close before. Our dogs particularly love to explore new places on and off lead but as soon as we knew there were horses around, they remained leashed for the remainder of the trip. We had a great day and will be back to visit Croxeth Country Park very shortly; hopefully making and meeting new friends along the way.

Walkies with the Dogs Croxeth Country Park
We apologise for our mom’s attire; she says we were battling storm Brian that day.

The walk that is signposted around the park is around about 5km and took us around 1 hour and 30 minutes to gently walk around. Walks always take long with the dogs as they love to sniff everything and play with every dog they see 🙂

At the end of our walk we stopped for a sandwich and drink at the Cafe, the courtyard was lovely. Providing toilets, drinking water for the dogs and shelter from the rain. If you’re going to purchase food, I would recommend eating at the start of your walk as our food was not great; this could have been due to the time of day as it was was quite late.

If you would like to see the councils map of Croxeth Country Park Click Here!

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