The rocks at Birkenhead Park

The world’s first publicly funded park known as ‘the park for the people’ opened in 1847 by Joseph Paxton. It was said that his design of the park was to mirror a country side landscape of meadows, woodland and lakes shaped as rivers. Although there aren’t many meadows there today this park is a beautifully managed for the people locally and from afar.

Across the water or across the pond?

It is also said that Central Park, New York is modelled upon this one. Alongside the park itself it boasts a large adventure playground for children, 2 cricket clubs, tennis courts, bowling greens, football pitches and fishing – a permit may be required to fish here.

As we walked through this park we stood in awe of it’s buildings of grandeur, that depicted different eras and location styles all from Merseyside, UK. Although our walk was somewhat shortened by police presence in one corner of the park; we still spent a good 2 hours walking around taking in the sights.

It was a drizzly Saturday late afternoon when we started our walk, this meant that there wasn’t as many people to stop and talk to but the people we did do were as ever very friendly. The lack of people meant we could have all the attention of the dogs making it easier to get them to pose for photos 🙂

Coffee & Cake

The visitors centre does not allow dogs inside but I am told that their coffee is splendid after a cold walk and reasonably priced too; not to forget the cake that goes alongside the coffee. Birkenhead Park has a great deal to offer the public and is simply put; one of the most beautiful parks I have visited in a long time and would love to see it in all its glory, in summertime.

Birken Head Park Map

This is a park I recommend for all the family in which you could easily spend a whole afternoon; or most of the day with a picnic in. There’s plenty to do and see while you are there. The park spans two sides of a road which you can see on the map. This map is adequately marked with all the must sees of the park. Two of these features which I loved not only for their design but also their placement are: The Roman Boathouse & The Swiss Bridge. There are a few photos of the Roman Boathouse but sadly the only photo I have is Wren on the bridge. The boathouse was simply amazing, the inside as grand as the outside. Mosaic tiled flooring in a fish pattern design around the outside. The craftsmanship of this building really shone through!

Our day in images

Birkenhead park, Roman Boathouse

The Roman Boathouse from a far

Birken Head Park, Swiss Bridge

Wren on the Swiss Bridge

Birkenhead Park, Boathouse with dogs

The girls at the boathouse, looking like they are ready to drop their new album

Birkenhead park visitors centre

Pop into the visitors centre for coffee and cake

Husky and Akita Birkenhead park rocks

Wren the camera’s this way!!

Husky at the foot of a tree

Akita at the foot of a tree

To plan your visit to Birkenhed Park, click here to go to their website.

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kworsey · December 28, 2017 at 4:26 pm

looks a nice place to visit in the summer

Gail · December 29, 2017 at 11:56 am

Can’t wait to join the girls here
Love the photos of the girls

    Walking with the pack · December 30, 2017 at 7:12 pm

    It’s a lovely park, you would LOVE all the little buildings. Very naturally scenic

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