Railway bridge cycle route 62
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National Cycle Route 62 connects Fleetwood on the Fylde in Lancashire and Selby; in North Yorkshire. It forms part of the Trans Pennine Trail, a long distance cycle path running from coast to cost across North England. On the sections that we have walked it is more commonly known as the Liverpool Loop Line. Ensuring quick travel from Halewood to Aintree.

Liverpool Loop Line

With various points of access, across the region the terrain is flat and tarmac. The Liverpool Loop Line was abandoned in 1964 by British Rail; leaving it to fall to ruin until 1986 when plans were drawn up. A new purpose was bought to the railway lines, a cycle path. After 12 years of construction, it was opened to the public who had been patiently waiting.

Even to this day the path provides a safe traffic less (for most of the way) passage through the heart of Liverpool. Lined with trees, wildlife and bustling Liverpool life. Some people say although you know you are travelling through the city some part feel like countryside. The route takes users through woodland parks which runs through rocky cuttings or high on embankments; with wide views across the city.

The trail is known to be ideal for young or inexperienced cyclists due to the flat nature of the track.

Liverpool Loop Line map

The map above shows all the access points onto the cycle route. As you can see there are many across the city so theres no excuse to join and see who you meet.

Our Walks

We often take the cycle path in both direction, especially on the weekends when we have plenty time to explore. It’s a great place for controlled socialisation for your dogs as a result of plenty walkers, cyclists and dog walkers on this path travelling to all parts of Liverpool. The points of interest on this line include: Croxeth Hall Park, National Wildflower Centre, Aintree Race course and St. Peters church, Woolton. The girls really enjoy our walks along the cycle path as there is so many smells to take in and dogs to meet.

In the future we plan to walk from end to end of the cycle route. Yes the whole 13 miles from Aintree to Halewood; we will have to wait until they have finished relaying the path but we expect this journey may take around 3-4 hours from end to end. We could potentially make this into a fundraiser but more on that at a later date. Additionally we aim to be able to buy an off road scooter nearer to the Summer to enable to girls to run till their hearts content; especially Raven who is the queen of running.
Railway bridge cycle route 62
Railway bridge; Broadway access point

Walking the cycle route 62

walking under a bridge into summer

Walking the lines - Cycle Route 62

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