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With Spring approaching many people will be refreshing the seasonal plants in their gardens but how many are actually dog-friendly? Are the plants in your gardens safe if they are to be consumed or touched. Reactions can range from skin irritation to death, the following list has been compiled from various source over the years. It does not supply a complete list of plants and is only intended as a guide. If you suspect your pets have come into contact with any of the plants on the list and are showing any reaction please contact your vet immediately. I am also going to apologise for the length of this list but thank you; for reading if you managed to read all the way to the end 🙂 I intend to make a printable PDF version of this over the coming months.


Plants that are NOT dog friendly?

Not all plants are poisonous but they have other reactions so I have used a scale from 1 – 4 to describe the affects of the plant.

dog friendly garden scale

Plant parts
to avoid
Consumption or
Aconite1Roots, Leaves & SeedsConsumption
Angel’s Trumpet1Entire PlantConsumption
Angel Wings1Entire PlantConsumption
Avocado1Fruit & PithConsumption
Azalea1 Entire Plant Consumption
Bracken1Entire PlantConsumption
Castor Bean1Bark, Leaves & SeedsConsumption
Checkered Lilly1BulbConsumption
Christmas Rose1Leaves & rootsConsumption
Climbing Lilly1Entire PlantConsumption
Cocoa Husks or Mulch1Entire PlantConsumption
Corn Cockle1Entire PlantConsumption
Cyclamen1Entire PlantConsumption
Deadly Nightshade1Leaves, Stem & FruitConsumption
Delphinium1Seeds & Young PlantsConsumption
Devil’s Fig1Entire PlantConsumption
Dieffenbachia1 Entire PlantConsumption
Dwarf Morning Glory1Entire PlantConsumption
Woody Nightshade1Leaves, Stem & FruitConsumption
Lily of the Valley Bush1Entire PlantConsumption
Larkspur1Entire PlantConsumption
False Hellebore1Roots, Seeds & LeavesConsumption
Flowering Tobacco1LeavesConsumption
Foxglove1Leaves, Flowers & SeedsConsumption
German Primula1Entire PlantConsumption
Glory Lilly1Entire PlantConsumption
Golden Chain1Seeds Consumption
Granny’s Bonnets1Entire PlantConsumption
Henbane1Entire PlantConsumption
Japanese Spindle1Entire PlantConsumption
Jerusalem Cherry1Leaves & FruitConsumption
Jimsonweed1Entire PlantsConsumption
Kalanchoe1Entire PlantConsumption
Kingcup1Entire PlantConsumption
Laburnum1Leaves & SeedsConsumption
Lantana1Leaves & FruitTouch
Larkspur1Young Plant & SeedsConsumption
Lenton Rose1Entire PlantConsumption
Meadow Rue1Entire PlantConsumption
Morning Glory1SeedsConsumption
Naked Ladies1Entire PlantConsumption
Onion1Entire PlantConsumption
Poison Hemlock1Entire PlantConsumption
Pokeroot1Entire PlantConsumption
Pokeweed1Entire PlantConsumption
Poppy1Unripe SeedpodConsumption
Ragwort1Entire PlantConsumption
Rape1Entire PlantConsumption
Cuban Lilly1Entire PlantConsumption
Savin1Entire PlantConsumption
Schefflera1Entire PlantConsumption
Spider Plant1Entire PlantConsumption
Star of Bethlehem1Entire PlantConsumption
Water Hemlock1Entire PlantConsumption
Aloe Vera2Entire PlantConsumption
African Boxwood2LeavesConsumption
Birds of Paradise2SeedsConsumption
Bittersweet2Entire PlantConsumption
Calico Bush2Entire PlantConsumption
Dragontree2Entire PlantConsumption
Elderberry2Entire PlantConsumption
European Spindle2Entire PlantConsumption
Hurricane Plant2BulbConsumption
Kale2Entire PlantConsumption
Locust2Entire PlantConsumption
Marijuana2Entire PlantConsumption
May Apple2Fruit, Roots & LeavesConsumption
Moroccan Broom2Entire plantConsumption
Mother in law’s Tongue2LeavesConsumption
Wild Onion2Entire PlantConsumption
Scotch Broom2Entire PlantConsumption
Buck Eye2SeedsConsumption
Burning Bush2Entire PlantsConsumption
California Buckeye2SeedsConsumption
Flannel Flower2Entire PlantConsumption
Golden Chain Tree2SeedsConsumption
Holly2Leaves & FruitConsumption
Horse Chestnut2Entire PlantConsumption
Leopard Lilly2Entire PlantConsumption
Mountain Laurel2Entire PlantConsumption
Oak Tree2Leaves & AcornsConsumption
Pokeweed2Entire PlantConsumption
Sago Palm2Leaves & SeedsConsumption
Starflower2Entire PlantConsumption
St. Johns Wart2Entire PlantConsumption
Sweet Pea2SeedsConsumption
Umbrella Plant2Entire PlantConsumption
Wax tree2Entire PlantConsumption
Windflower2Entire PlantConsumption
Wisteria2Pods & SeedsConsumption
Yew Pine2SeedsConsumption
Dumb Cane3LeavesConsumption
Baby’s Breath4Entire PlantConsumption
Balsam Fir4Needles Consumption
Bleeding Heart4Entire Plant Consumption
English Daisy4Entire Plant Consumption
Fig4 SapConsumption
Fiddle-leaf Fig4SapConsumption
Sprengers Asparagus4Fruit & SapTouch
Stinging Nettles4Leaves & StemTouch
Arborvitea1 & 4Entire PlantConsumption
Autumn Crocus1 & 4Entire PlantConsumption
Castor Bean1 & 4Leaves & SeedsConsumption
Echium1 & 4Entire PlantConsumption
Hydrangea 1 & 4Entire PlantConsumption
Lilly of the Valley1 & 4Entire PlantConsumption
Lobelia1 & 4Entire PlantConsumption
Milkweed1 & 4Entire PlantConsumption
Oleander1 & 4Entire PlantConsumption
Yellow Oleander1 & 4Entire PlantConsumption
Tomato1 & 4Leaves & Stem Consumption
African Blue Lilly2 & 4SapTouch
Amaryllis2 & 4BulbConsumption
Belladonna Lilly2 & 4Bulb & SapConsumption
Blood Lilly2 & 4Entire PlantConsumption
Buckthorn2 & 4FruitConsumption
Buttercup2 & 4Entire PlantConsumption
Carnation2 & 4Entire PlantConsumption
Chrysanthemum2 & 4Entire PlantConsumption
Crinum Lilly2 & 4BulbConsumption
Clematis2 & 4Entire PlantConsumption
Cuckoo Pint2 & 4Entire PlantConsumption
Persian Violet2 & 4RootConsumption
Daffodil2 & 4BulbConsumption
Fruit Salad Plant2 & 4Entire PlantConsumption
Hyacinth2 & 4BulbConsumption
Iris2 & 4Entire PlantConsumption
Ivy2 & 4FruitConsumption
Kaffir Lilly2 & 4Entire PlantConsumption
Mistletoe2 & 4FruitConsumption
Peruvian Lilly2 & 4Entire PlantTouch
Poinsettia2 & 4Entire PlantConsumption
Primrose2 & 4LeavesConsumption
Privet2 & 4Leaves & FruitConsumption
Snowdrop2 & 4BulbConsumption
Swiss Cheese Plant2 & 4Entire PlantConsumption
Taro Vine2 & 4Entire PlantConsumption
Tulip2 & 4Bulb, Stem & FlowerConsumption
Anthurium3 & 4Entire PlantTouch
Caladium3 & 4Entire PlantTouch
Calla Lilly3 & 4Entire PlantConsumption
Chinese Evergreen3 & 4Entire PlantConsumption
Elephant’s Ear3 & 4StemConsumption
Heart Leaf3 & 4Entire PlantConsumption
Iceland Poppy3 & 4 Entire PlantConsumption
Jack-in-the-Pulpit3 & 4Entire PlantConsumption
Pothos3 & 4Entire PlantConsumption
Peace Lilly3 & 4LeavesConsumption
Split-Leaf Philodendron3 & 4Entire PlantConsumption
Taro3 & 4Entire PlantConsumption

Disclaimer: I am not a veterinarian and I am conveying knowledge I have learnt throughout the years. If you are worried about a particular plant and or it’s affects please consult your veterinarian.

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