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The Wyre Forest is a location that Wren & I have visited many times as the walk is great and a frequent place the pack walk takes place in. This being the same pack as our Sutton Park walk a few weeks ago.

The forest is owned by the Forest Commission England and is semi-natural meaning that it is only partially managed. Measuring 26.5km it straddles the borders of Worcestershire and Shropshire in the Midlands, UK. It is home to many different types of Flora & Fauna; we often see rabbits, butterflies many many types of birds. We have once seen a deer flash by in the blink of an eye, our next to tick off is a long eared owl. To see an owl in the forest would be amazing!

Walking through the forest


The exact extent of its history in unknown. It’s believed that it has no claims of historical being having forest status but being a chase (of common land) with hunting rights to the Earl of March back in 1328. As legally only the crown could hold forests but subjects could hold chases.

What's around the bend?

In the 17th & 18th century the forest was managed as a coppice and provided cordwood for the production of Charcoal; this charcoal powered the iron forges in several locations over the Black Country, known for it’s iron forges to date.

Things to do on the Wyre

  • Go Ape; literally walk the high wires of the forest and ride zip wires from the highest points, seeing the forest from a whole new angle
  • Walking Trails
  • Cycling
  • Horse Riding
  • Cafe with Children’s Play Area

Wyre Forest

The walk

Now this walk wasn’t as populated as they usually are but we did make two new friends

Patch – JRT
Unknown Female- Collie
Sherlock – Golden Retriever
Wren – Japanese Akita
Raven – Siberian Husky

This was Raven’s first pick walk and really her first time truly off lead so we weren’t sure how she was going to react. She did fabulous; there was selective hearing and running off but she was mainly sticking by Wren (who’s recall isn’t perfect) which is more then we could have ever hoped for.

As usual we walked the Buzzard (Red) path which takes you 3.25 miles round the forest taking in all the sights the forest has to offer. There are two shorter paths for those who can’t walk that far; the WoodPecker and the Wren Trial.

I will always recommend this place for dog walkers if you go either summer or winter theres always fun to be had by all. It just one of the many fantastic locations that the UK has to offer. If your dog cannot go off lead in such a vast area there is an orchard half way round; which although not made specifically for letting your dog off lead, its a great place for them to have a mad dash around whilst staying near and safe. The orchard always sends the pack a little crazy and certainly sets off the zoomies, especially if a new dog joins in like Mia the Cockerpoo.

Photos of the day

The Forest Cafe

As you end the walk, the route leads you back to the cafe; where you can re-fill on cake, hot drinks and most important of all doggie ice-cream. The cafe is doggie friendly even if you are caked in mud like these two were; however the picnic benches outside make the perfect shelter for a muddy dog.

Muddy Husky Puppy

Muddy Japanese Akita

The Forestry Commission also have the most fabulous machine; possibly the most exciting thing a dog owner can see. A Dog Wash; now at £7 is can be quite pricey however we were able to wash Raven & Wren for the £7. It had plenty of room inside for Wren & Raven to each stand in, the good thing about it is that Wren could step in and out with ease. The base was not slippery which make makes her a little nervous at bath time. It has several features shampoo, hypoallergenic shampoo, rinse & dry with several settings and much more. It is great on short coated dogs like Raven, the machine can even wash and dry them in the time you have; however longer coats like Wren will not dry in the time. She takes a long time to dry however this high powered blaster was able to take out the water out of her fur enough not to get the car too wet.

Dog Wash

So it was time to head home and it was clear the dogs had worn themselves out with all this excitement; are there any Forrestry Commission locations you’ve been to that you would recommend, we are always looking for new adventures!

sleeping dogs

Into the woods we walk with the dogs

Retriever teasing the other dogs

Muddy dog bums

Stroll in the woods

dogs in mud

Dog Zoomies

Forest run with dogs

mud dogs


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