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Sutton Park is a National Nature Reserved measured at 2’400 acres just 6 miles North of Birmingham City Centre. It’s idyllic landscape has open heathland, woodland, boasts seven lakes, wetlands and marshes. Sutton Park is one of the largest urban parks in Europe and has been assigned as not only a SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) but also a scheduled Ancient Monument.

Sutton Park

Although we usually go to walk the dogs there are plenty of other attractions to bring the hundreds of people to Sutton Park these include: children’s playgrounds, Food & refreshments, a donkey sanctuary, sailing club, model aircraft clubs, golf and orienteering. As you can see this environment is abundant in opportunities to try out new skills or make new friends whilst doing what you enjoy.


Many of the features of the park date back over thousands of years and this becomes evident as you walk around it. The vegetation is natural it has been managed by the park wardens and the friends of Sutton Park to ensure the park remains a great place to go for all.

Neolithic Age tools have been found near Little Bracebridge Pool & Rowton’s Wall showing the age of this wonderful area.

Our walk

We start our walk down at Banners Gate in the South West region of the park, this always seem to be less foot traffic heavy and more dog walkers; which is great for the dogs. This particular walk was made aware to us by a pack Wren & I joined; before we moved for university. So as we are back in our home town; we all met up for a rather chilly pack walk. Unfortunately I didn’t get a great picture of us all but I’ll do my best with what I have 🙂

Wren – Japanese Akita Inu
Sherlock – Golden Retriever
Lola – Pug
Bilbo – Lurcher X
Maisie – Lurcher X
Nanook – Husky X Pomeranian
Dyson – Collie X Springer Spaniel
Gizmo – Chihuahua X

Dog pack on a walk at Sutton
Bilbo, Maizie, Nanook, Dyson, Gizmo, Lola, Sherlock & Wren

So as we set off down the ice covered paths; Wren incredibly excited to be back with her friends. We hit snow and ice, now over the last few weeks where we live has not had any snow, the Midlands however has had tonnes of it. This is Wren’s first encounter with snow and thick ice and I’m not sure shes a fan, she quite clumsy so staying on her feet is hard at the best of times. We decide that for the safety of the pack we will walk through the woods.

And; we are free, no leash running through the woods with our friends we’ve spent so long apart. Then Wren gets distracted she sees another dog who is not part of our group; she’s very friendly but this smaller dog (Cockapoo) did not want to play so it too bolted and ran in the opposite direction with Wren in fine pursuit. Wren’s recall is usually quite good but today she just wanted to play so getting her attention was hard while this smaller dog just kept running and crying. Once I got her attention I ran screaming her name in the opposite direction which left her with no other option but to chase mom :’) but after that she stayed with the pack and went back to her normal recall.

Japanese Akita
A well earned rest

Our walk takes us through many different terrains such as: woodland, heathland & lakes. There are many lakes and pools in the area; if you don’t want your dog sopping wet or thick with black mud, it’s advised to keep them leashed. There is so many part of this walk where they will find mud pools & there is no other way to describe the smell then putrid. Unless you have a strong nose and can stomach it during the drive home, or can get your dog to wash off in one of the pools then it’s strongly advised to keep them leashed.

This walk is one of the greats, the scenery is stunning and even if the weather is cold and crappy it’s always a pleasant walk. There are hundreds of dogs that walk these paths day in day out so if you need somewhere to go where there is plenty of people to meet and talk to; Sutton Park of Birmingham is THE place to go.

Visit our Wyre Forest Pack Walk for another great pack walk in the area.

Pomsky, Pug, Japanese Akita, Mutt

Collie x springer spaniel
Dyson, Sprollie
Japanese Akita, Sutton Park
Wait for me guys!!
Pack walk with dogs
I’m coming for you Sherlock
fetch, golden retriever
Looks like Sherlock (Retriever) has won this one
Swans with cygnets
Playtime in the pool was cut short by these hooligans


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