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Alabama Rot is a viscous and horrible disease that is fatal to most dogs that come into contact with it. Causing skin sores & potential life treating kidney problems; here’s how you can spot & prevent such diseases affecting your dogs!

What is Alabama Rot?

CRGV; commonly known as Alabama Rot was first identified in the 80’s amongst greyhounds, in the state of Alabama. No one is able to determine what causes the disease and it is only identifiable by it’s symptoms.

With Alabama Rot becoming more & more common in the UK; the contracted disease very quickly damages blood vessels and kidneys. Early detection is so important as 9/10 dogs, who come into contact with the disease will die from it. It is becoming increasingly difficult to treat, identify & vaccinate against. Currently there is no vaccination however in the future scientists hope to be able to have enough research to develop one.

The source of the disease is yet unknown but the environment agency has ruled out chemical contamination in water supplies. They believe the toxins are related to the E.Coli bacteria; however more research is needed as there is no evidence found in the infected dogs to support this claim.

What to look out for

  • Skin sores that are not caused by injury. These sores look like ulcers that are swollen and could be open. They will mainly be found below the knee or elbow, causing hair loss as the dog licks the wounds.
  • After 2-7 days, external symptoms of kidney failure will occur: reduced appetite, fatigue & vomiting.

How to prevent Alabama Rot?

A contributing factor has been said to have been walking in particular areas such as forests & muddy wooded areas. There are no specific steps to prevent Alabama Rot however; there has been an observed link between seasons, in which most cases appear between November & June.

Dog owners who walk their dogs in such areas are advised to wash off any mud as quickly as possible, keep control and monitor your dogs location when off lead. Additionally, be aware of the locations that dogs have contracted Alabama Rot from. Either avoid those locations or take extra precautions to avoid the disease. Below is a map of locations in the UK that a confirmed case of Alabama Rot has been found. Use Vets4Pets to search your location and find cases close to you.

Cases of Alabama Rot UK Jan 2018
Cases of Alabama Rot UK Jan 2018

The best outcome to stoping this deadly disease is catching it early. Treatment is only successful in 20-30% of cases as they simply are not caught early enough. Due to the severity of the cases and symptoms please ensure all steps are taken to avoid these areas or monitor closely for any symptoms. If in doubt always ask your vet for advise as soon as you notice any thing suspicious.


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