Did you watch Britain’s Top 100 Breeds?

Recently a survey was undertook to find out Britain’s favourite breed of 2018. This was all analysed and put into a great TV programme which showcased the amazing breeds; that as a nation we hold so dearly.

Britain can certainly be described as a nation of dog lovers and this poll questioned 10’000 people to find out what exactly is the favourite breed of the year. Well as suspected; it wasn’t the Japanese Akita which came in at #74, a disappointing result however there is some advantages to ranking this low. Not only does it stop a craze starting about people owning Akitas (as they are not for inexperienced dog owners) but also keeps the backyard breeding of this breed low, that so many people are trying hard to fight. The Siberian Husky ranked a reasonable #28; growing in popularity I’m not surprised they ranked quite high in this list.

My two disagreements with this programme was that as mentioned above; we will almost certainly see an influx of the most popular puppies (seen below) from which backyard breeders will aim for making a quick buck knowing that the British public will inevitably buy them. Additionally there was so many cross breeds in this list; not the problem, my issue is that #2 was the crossbreed so why did we need placements for the cockerpoo or the cavapoobreeds for example. I understand that these now ‘designer breeds’ are becoming more and more popular however it seems that the programme may have failed to receive 100 breed responses in their survey and maybe just had to fill it out. This maybe an unpopular opinion; what are your thoughts? Did you watch the programme?

The Top 5

#5 Border Collie

Border Collie in Water

#4 Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

#3 Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russel Terrier

#2 Cross Breed


#1 Labrador

Brown Labrador

Let me know in the comments below that if your favourite breed made the list or even the top 5. If not what is your favourite breed?

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