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    Our dog holiday checklist | General

    By now Wren & I will be settling down to a relaxing evening before a big day of travelling ahead of us. The checklist below has helped us pack everything we need for our next adventure, at the bottom of the page is a PDF version of the checklist for ease of use. Our checklist for taking Wren on holiday is quite extensive, we hope to make it as great as we can. Wren usually settles into new places quite quickly and loves to explore the unexplored.When it comes to packing for your trip you can’t afford to leave anything behind, either at home or when you are packing up…

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    Top Tips for preparing for a holiday with your dog | General

    With the rise of holiday getaways becoming pet friendly; more and more people are taking their four legged friends away with them too. I myself am taking Wren on a short holiday; it’s my dad’s birthday so we are all heading for a cabin in the woods, in the South of England. Planning is key when arranging a holiday with your dog so here’s a list of tips just for our four legged friends. Top Tips for preparing for a holiday with your dog Prepare well in advance Check the accommodation is suitable for your pet Most adverts for accommodation will say what pet it is most suited for, but…