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WINSEE Adjustable Running Leash | Review

The WINSEE Adjustable Hands Free Running Leash ensures you can enjoy walking and running like never before. The leash allows you to keep control over your running partner hands free! With thanks to the integrated bungee wasted energy is eliminated by counteracting unwanted forces.

WINSEE hands free adjustable leash ft. Raven the Husky

Let’s talk more about control

Using the Easy Grip handle above the bungee allows you to have more control over the dog, you can easily guide without breaking your stride. Once you have practised your new running technique you will easy be able to direct your pooch with your waist. Use the built in handles to get a more direct control. Easily swap between hands free and hands on; if another dog approaches you to ensure your dog is meeting and greeting appropriately.

The strong dual bungees’ construction aid in shock absorption, reduce back strain & risk of you become off balance when your dog is excited. The leash offers 158 cm when relaxed and can easily provide a total leash length of 290 cm; this provides a huge amount of room for your dog. Additionally, this makes added room for your yourself so the dog can be trained to run alongside you and not under your feet.

Let’s talk more about Safety

The reflective rope is dual sided with 3 streams. Stitched in reflective stitching to ensure extra visibility. You can enjoy safe walking, running or hiking no mater the time; morning or night time.

The waist belt provides integrated hooks so that you can easily carry the necessities; waste dispenser, water bottles and those all important treats. Fitting from 27 – 47″ the belt fits most people and is totally adjustable; customisation to suit you.

This product was supplied with and waste dispenser and roll of plastic bags, enabling you to quickly clean up your dogs mess on the go.

Material: Nylon;
Colour: Gray & Green
Waist: 27 – 47 inch;
Belt Width: 6 cm;
Leash Length: 158 – 290 cm;


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WINSEE hands-free adjustible leash

What we liked

  1. Total hands-free experience
  2. Gives dogs more freedom to run
  3. Great for jogging, running, training
  4. Hands on option, able to clip leash to itself and create a handle

What we didn’t like

  1. Not sure on the strength of the lead or waist belt
  2. Lack of control when using the lead at full length
  3. Quite easy for the dog to get tangled at full length
  4. Slow to swap from hands free to hands on

Improvements we would make

  1. More hooks to clip accessories into
  2. More padded around the back of the waist belt

WINSEE control strap and belt

To sum it up

We really love this leash; which we use for the baby, Raven. As we are unsure on it’s strength we are yet to test this or another product on Wren. With her being 30kg already we will have to be very picky about which product we choose. However, the WINSEE running leash is ideal for energetic puppies and dogs up to a medium size. If your dog is on the larger side of medium or a larger dog I would invest in a higher end waist belt.

At a price of £10.99 and FREE delivery with Amazon Prime, this product definitely offers value for money. Providing a more excitable walk, run or hike for your best friend with a more relaxed and enjoyable experience for you.

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