Hi Everypawdy; today is just a short post to update you on something quite exciting. We have made a Youtube channel, specifically for the girls! Our schedule is currently one video released per week on a Wednesday meaning you have 4 days of content including the blog posts from this site. Amazing right!

The channel well be visually showing the adventures of Wren & Raven where they have enlisted two humans to carry out their dastardly plans, take them wherever their paws take them and give them treats at their beck and call.

The channel aims to show people the amazing nature of our girls but will also highlight  the hard side of owning a dog. Especially two breeds that are not for everyone and should be owned by people with a certain degree of dog experience.

Japanese Akita & Siberian Husky

So what can I see..

Apart from the obvious answer of..PUPPERS.. fluffy puppers. We primary will do dog walking routes, dog friendly places, reviews, canine news and training. So there is an amazing range of content we want to share with you and are very excited for you to see it.


So get going click the link below to be magically transported into a whole new visual world of Wren & Raven.

Walking with the pack Youtube Channel


Stay Pawsitive!



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kworsey · March 22, 2018 at 4:26 pm

look forward to there adventures as they walk and play

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